For someone who’s always been chunky, it’s a big deal — this is how I finally got abs

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Growing up, I was never, ever the ripped kid. We all have the friend — the one who’s had shredded six-pack abs since the moment they exited the womb. Yeah, not me.

You see, I’m more of the stocky type. My height peaked when I was 14 at 5'7, I still have the measurement on the wall at my parent's house. I even rechecked last week just for fun — nope, still the same. I might’ve grown a centimetre max.

What came…

Contrary to what social media may have you believe

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Like many others when starting their fitness journey, I was clueless and impressionable. Ignorance was one of my key personality traits.

If someone had abs and some muscle, they might as well have had a Ph.D. in my eyes. Instagram and YouTube were my University. So naturally, being the desperate to get jacked teenager I was, I believed everything.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that everyone on the internet is perfect. People’s lives, diets, lifestyles — it’s all unicorns and rainbows. Everyone knows everything. If they are in good shape, whatever they say or do must be…

Quite literally the biggest

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Coming out of High School at 18 and getting ready to go to University a bit over four years ago, all I wanted to do was get huge. The week before moving, I had just finished my first ‘cut’, losing around 15 pounds — I wanted to be ripped for my first university experience… naturally.

Like every other 18-year-old in the gym, I wanted to look like Arnold — well, maybe kids today want to look like someone from social media but still, you get the point. I wanted to be the most jacked kid known to man. …

Learning to enjoy cardio has completely changed my approach to health, here’s how it could for you too

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The first time I ever consciously tried to lose fat, I fell into the same trap as so many others — I thought my life had to suck. I believed I had to struggle.

And so, for at least 30 minutes four or five days a week, to the Stairmaster or the Treadmill, I went. For that time, I’ll be honest — it was the last place I wanted to be. My eyes would be glued to the clock. …

It’s time to throw the ego out the door

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When you think of the muscles in your legs, what do you usually think of? Let me guess, the quads (the three vastus muscles), hamstrings, glutes, and calves – right? Well, there’s one muscle (or group of small ones) you’re missing that can make a, quite literally, massive difference in the size and muscularity of your legs: the adductors. Or as they’re commonly known: the inner thigh. Although there are multiple muscles in that area, I’ll just refer to them as the adductors from here on.

For some reason, it’s something…

Sometimes you really can find diamonds in the rough

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Quite a few months ago in January of 2021, I wasn’t in a great place. Whether it be reading and writing, my gym program, my eating, or my general journaling practices — nearly all of the habits I’d worked so hard to develop disappeared into nothingness before my eyes.

Then one night, things seemed to get worse. For the first time in my life I can remember, I didn’t sleep. At all. I laid there for eight hours tossing and turning until it was time to get up. It felt like self-imposed mental torture.

And then… it kept happening. For…

Calling all gym nerds

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Well, here’s something I never thought I’d write.

Tiny Arm University is and started as a place to write my gym pieces that I didn’t really feel felt right in any other publication. In the six weeks so far, articles published within have somehow gained over 40 000 views. I guess there really is a community for gym-goers out there on Medium.

And I feel like there are many other people like me out there desperate to share their gym stories. And if there aren’t, there aren’t. Oh well.

Be it mistakes made, things learned, or…

It can apply to much more than the gym

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For most of the last nine years of my life, I’ve been utterly obsessed with bodybuilding — too much so in hindsight. By obsessed, I mean obsessed. It got to the point where I was more often than not seen as “the gym guy”, and for good reason. It pretty much was my life.

Along with that came a hell of a lot of research, or at least what I’d like to call research. Honestly, most of it was just watching guys infinitely bigger than me pick things up and put…

Is there really a best workout split for building muscle?

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Aside from what supplements people should take, one of my most asked questions in the gym is “What is the best split?”

Where I’ll always answer, “There isn’t one.” Well, there’s that out of the way.

From the moment most people step foot in the gym for the first time, they become obsessed with finding the most efficient and effective (for many, this just means the easiest) ways to build muscle as fast as they can. I was no different. …

It’s incredibly simple and effective, yet so few people do it

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For the vast majority of my fitness journey, I was more or less winging it. Structure was my greatest nemesis. If someone was to ask me what I was going to work out when I got in the gym, my response would usually be “whatever’s not sore”. Although there was a slight hint of sarcasm in there most of the time, it was often true.

For the first few years, it actually kind of worked. I was one of the most muscular people in my gym at 18. Unbeknownst…

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